How much does a pool cost?

Each project is unique. The size of your deck and pool, and what feature you consider important in your own pool, will obviously affect the price. Our goal is to give you the pool you want at a very competitive price. Contact us for a free consultation and quote for your specific pool project.

How long does it take to build a pool?

Complexity of design and construction are the major factors here. Generally speaking a “typical” residential project will take 22 days to complete once a building permit has been issued.

Does the shape of the pool affect the price?

No, unless the pool is of extraordinary design. All pricing is done by lineal footage, square footage, etc. This means you are paying for the volume of water your pool holds, not the shape it is held in. You can have virtually any shape at ordinary pricing. It’s important to note that every 15 x 30 free form pool is not the same. The pool volume can vary greatly along with the actual swimming space you will receive. This is why we are willing to compare “apples to apples” for you with bids from different companies. We can help you make the comparisons.

Do you use subcontractors?

We subcontract licensed professionals plumbers and electricians with more than 10 years experience on pool construction.

What is the best piece of advice you can give me regarding the design and purchase of a new pool?

Educate yourself! Our best clients are also our most informed. Decide your preferences and dislikes by using research, pictures and consultation with our owner. Explicit, educated communication will ultimately lead to the best design and price for you. Also research your contractor choices. Compare all bids “apples for apples”. The options available for each pool project are endless and varied.

Who is building my pool?

The owner, Moses Perez, will oversee all construction aspects and probably get his hands dirty himself. That is who we are!

Will my pool be built to any codes and standards?

Yes, Blue Line Pools builds all of our pools to meet and exceed all building standards per local code as set forth by The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP).

Who do I contact regarding warranty issues?

Blue Line Pools will handle all of your warranty issues, we are a service-oriented company and we will not leave this burden with you as others may. Blue Line Pools offer a construction warranty of 3 Years Blanket Pool Warranty. This warranty covers every detail of the construction except the pool equipment that is subject to factory warranty. Blue Line Pools also offer a Lifetime Warranty Structural. Warranty covers the walls and bottom of the pool from cracks and leaks.

Will my pool be maintenance free?

No pool is maintenance free, regardless of how good the equipment is. Your pool will require regular cleaning, chemicals and maintenance. If regular maintenance is not performed, additional problems may arise including heavy cleaning and possible equipment failure. Blue Line Pools will not cut corners on equipment, thus providing you with a custom pool that is lower in maintenance.

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