Every Pool and Spa Project Is Unique: Our philosophy is that each project should have a unique balance and connection to the property’s overall landscape and architecture.

We view each of our Pools and Spas as a unique work of art and use only top industry professionals, select finish products, and proven technologies. This skillful combination of engineering, form, and fit is is the signature of our work.While every Blue Line Pools pool is a custom creation, most of our designs fall into these popular pool design categories.

Lap Pools

Inspired from the classical Olympic shape we have narrowed this rectangular pool and have adapted several personalized features such as a zero-edge or walking benches to enhance the exercising and health benefits for our spirited clients.

Exotic Pools

No rules to follow, let your imagination go. We can built any pool dream no matter how big or crazy.
We love to brake the limits and go extreme!!!

Free Form, Kidney-Shaped, and Natural-Shaped Pools

The softer curves that help to illustrate these organic designs take advantage of existing natural elements such as rock or boulders that can easily be incorporated, and are ideal for the client whose approach may be limited by space, but not imagination.

Geometric, Contemporary, and Rectangular-Shaped Pools

Since they can adapt to nearly any layout and size, the clean lines and geometric shapes of these traditional Roman and Grecian designs are a popular choice. This practical approach maximizes your pool design potential that fits your personality.

Construction Process

Pools & Spa Samples

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